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Hedge Trimming & Maintenance Services

Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti & Levin

One of the easiest ways to smarten up your property is to prune an overgrown hedge. Pruning a hedge is easy, but trim it too much and you’ll damage the entire plant, which is why it’s best left to the professionals. The team at Karl’s Tree Services provide a full range of tree and hedge trimming, maintenance and restoration services throughout Porirua, Kapiti and the greater Wellington region. If you want advice on what shrubs provide the best privacy screening, or if you want to create a natural, green boundary on your property, call our team for a free consultation. We can trim, shape, and maintain all hedges with specialist equipment for any hard to reach areas. We pride ourselves on a job done well – your property will be left clean and clear of all green waste from the job.

You can rely on Karl Reid and the team for hedge formation, hedge trimming and maintenance and hedge restoration.

To get a quote, call 021 162 6399 or use the email form below.

You’ll find more information on our hedge services further down the page.

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Karl Reid – Professional Arborist

Hi, I’m Karl.  I’ve spent over a decade working as an arborist.  I started my apprenticeship on the Kapiti Coast with a small firm specialising in all aspects of tree surgery.  I started my own company in 2008 with the vision to provide exceptional tree services in this region.  I’m passionate about the work I do and enjoy the variety of challenges that arboriculture provides.  If you’d like to speak to me about any tree removal or maintenance on your property, feel free to give me a call.

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Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

Regular hedge trimming and maintenance is important for several reasons.  It keeps hedges tight and encourages them to become strong and durable.  It also helps to avoid them growing over boundary lines or developing any unwanted overhang.

Hedge Formation

If you are wanting to establish a hedgerow on your property, we can help by setting the foundation – choosing ideal tree varieties and planting.  We then put a maintenance plan in place to ensure the trees mature into an attractive and strong hedge.  In certain cases, existing trees can be formed into a hedge through several years of strategic pruning.

Hedge Restoration

Overgrown hedges can be ‘reset’ to bring them back to the desired height and shape.  We do this in a way that allows for the hedge to grow back to full health.  We can then put a maintenance plan in place to ensure your hedge continues to be healthy and look great for years to come.  We can repair or replace damaged or diseased hedges, often restoring the hedgerow to full health.

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