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Tree Pruning, Trimming & Maintenance

Servicing Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti & Levin

We provide a full range of tree trimming, pruning and maintenance services throughout the greater Wellington region.  From seasonal tree maintenance to restoration and repair work, you can rely on Karl Reid and the team to keep your trees healthy and looking great! 

Are your trees blocking much needed sunlight to your property? Do your fruit trees need pruning to encourage maximum fruiting? Our team provides garden tree and shrub maintenance throughout the Kapiti Coast, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Levin. We will consult with you and provide tree and landscaping advice to achieve your desired result. You have the option to keep any wood or mulch from the job or our team will clear all green waste and leave your property clean and tidy for you to enjoy.

Our Pruning & Maintenance Services

 Form Pruning  –  Canopy Thinning –  Tree Reduction & Topping –  Recovery Pruning –  Condensing  –  Palm Trees  –  Directional Pruning –  Fruit Trees –  Crown Lifting

We provide a 24 hour emergency callout service for storm-damaged trees.

To get a quote, call 021 162 6399 or use the email form below.

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Karl Reid – Professional Arborist

Hi, I’m Karl.  I’ve spent over a decade working as an arborist.  I started my apprenticeship on the Kapiti Coast with a small firm specialising in all aspects of tree surgery.  I started my own company in 2008 with the vision to provide exceptional tree services in this region.  I’m passionate about the work I do and enjoy the variety of challenges that arboriculture provides.  If you’d like to speak to me about any tree removal or maintenance on your property, feel free to give me a call.

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Form Pruning

Form pruning involves removing any unwanted or damaged growth from a tree and training it to grow into its ideal shape.  This shape differs between tree species – every tree has a ‘signature’ shape that we aim to achieve with form pruning.

Canopy Thinning

Thinning involves pruning internal growth and selectively thinning the tree canopy to allow more light through while maintaining the correct form of the tree.

Tree Reduction & Topping

Reduction or tree topping reduces the height of the canopy to retrieve lost views or allow in more light.  Once a tree is reduced/topped, it will require regular follow up maintenance to ensure new growth is trained correctly and any damage to the tree is minimised.

Recovery Pruning

After reducing or topping a tree, its correct form can be compromised.  Recovery pruning involves selecting the strongest or most suited new growth and training it to become the dominant growth of the tree.  It can take many years of ongoing recovery pruning to achieve correct form after reduction or topping.

Tree Condensing

Tree condensing effectively shrinks the entire tree. This reduces the size of the tree which lets through more light and also limits root growth, protecting driveways, foundations and drainage.  With the correct pruning techniques, condensing can increase the useful lifespan of trees planted in bad areas or near building or infrastructure.  Condensing can be a viable alternative to tree felling or as an intermediary step before felling the tree in future.

Palm Trees

Regular maintenance of palm trees includes lifting or removing old, dead fronds that can blow off in the wind.  Phoenix palms benefit from having their trunk shaved, making the whole tree much more attractive.

Directional Pruning

Directional pruning is also known as natural pruning or the Shigo method.  This type of pruning involves removing specific limbs of the tree to direct its growth away from your home, power lines, fence or other obstructions.

Fruit Trees

We provide pruning and maintenance for fruit trees to help achieve a desired shape and to maximise fruiting.  A well maintained fruit tree will also live longer, giving you years of harvests.  This can be done as a regular schedule to avoid trees becoming overgrown.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing lower branches to raise the height of the crown of a tree.  Crown lifting can help to gain extra clearance around the tree, gaining extra ground space on your property and letting through more light.

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